SafferMaster and Lady Petra

This week, I’m talking with SafferMaster and Lady Petra, a cisgender, straight, and very kinky couple who live in a full-time power exchange relationship, and hosts of the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast. SafferMaster is a sensual sadist and Lady Petra is a masochist. In their relationship SafferMaster is the dominant while Lady Petra is submissive, but Lady Petra is only submissive to SafferMaster, and it also a domme to other men. We had a great conversation talking about their incredibly connected relationship, how they found each other after leaving long, unhappy marriages, their current sex and kink forward relationship, the difference between a slave and a submissive, and many other topics. If you want to hear more from them, be sure to check out their Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast or any of their other sites linked below.

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Episode 4 – Victoria

This week I’m talking with Victoria, a cisgender, pansexual, fetishist kink collector and host of the up and coming Crafting with Strangers podcast. We actually continued our conversation on her podcast, so once it’s released be sure to give a listen there as we get crafty!

We talked about labels, collecting kinks, the kink community, Minecraft, and her journey exploring it all! If you’re not used hearing about specific kinky things, this might make you a little uncomfortable, but understanding can reduce discomfort, so get ready to learn new things!