About the Podcast

A journey of self discovery is now a conversation with the world.

This podcast is a labor of love that grew out of my own journey of discovering my own identity. I came out to myself later in life, and as I grew and learned about myself, I got to learn about others. Through conversations with others, I was privileged to learn about each person’s own identity and the unique journey each took to get there.

The more I heard, the more I realized that we each have a story to tell. We’re all on a journey of self discovery, and through conversation we can join each other on that journey.

In 2016, I started Intersections: Exploring the rich tapestry of gender, sexuality and relationships, a series of interviews that you can still find on YouTube.

Life caught up, and Intersections faded, but the desire to continue the conversation didn’t, and now The Human Tapestry Podcast will keep us talking.