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If you have any questions, you can reply to your confirmation email, or using the contact form below.

Thanks for signing up to be a guest on The Human Tapestry podcast!

You should have received a confirmation email from Calendly with all the details for our upcoming interview. I’ll also send you another confirmation email with all the details on this page, plus any other questions I may have.

Feel free to reach out to me any time if you need anything. You can reply to any of the emails (Calendly redirects the email replies to me), or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Meeting Information

I’ve set aside two hours and Calendly scheduled a meeting in Zoom for our time together. Your confirmation email includes a link to the meeting.

If something comes up and you can’t make it, or if you have trouble getting in, let me know. The confirmation email I’ll send will have a number to text me, or you can email me.

If you haven’t used Zoom before, I encourage you to try it out before we meet to make sure everything is working properly. They have a test meeting you can access here, and there’s setup info and help here.

Meeting Recording

I do start the recording right away when we start, and then edit out the non-podcast parts later. This lets the conversation flow freely. You can let me know any time if there’s a part you specifically want edited out.

Please wear headphones for the entire interview, to make sure we can capture isolated audio of your voice. If you have your own podcast microphone, that’s even better. 

During the interview I will be using a technique called “click editing” to identify any spots that need an edit. This means I’ll add a clicking sound when we identify something that needs removing. This lets me quickly find the spot during post-production. It’s normally no big deal, but I like to make folks aware before it happens!

The Interview Process

The interview will be a conversation about your identity: gender, sexuality, kinks, and any other identity you think is pertinent. Before we start we can talk briefly and clarify any questions you may have. Some people prefer to give me information up front, while others prefer to let it come out organically during our conversation. Either way works for me! If there’s anything you think I need to know before we meet, let me know. Also, if you want to promote your own stuff, please let me know by no later than the day befor so I can check it out and be ready to talk with you about it.

You can also let me know if there are any topics you want to avoid or address in a certain way. You’re also completely free to let me know if a particular part of the conversation is making you uncomfortable or if you’d like something said to not be in the final episode.

At the start, we’ll talk about your identity and what it means to you. While our identities help us understand each other at a basic level, the labels only touch on the surface, so we’ll have a conversation about how that plays out in your life.

We’ll also talk about your journey so far — how you got to the understanding of yourself and your identity. This is a chance to tell your story. It’s your story, so tell it how you want!

At the end, I can also set aside time to have you plug anything you’d like to plug. Depending on what it is, we may even discuss it during our conversation.

While that’s the basic structure, the conversation will be organic and can go in whatever direction we take it. Once we’re done with the “interview” portion, we can take some time to chat and go over any last-minute details about the episode.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Dr. Seuss

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