The Human Tapestry Story

Mike came out to himself late in life. He didn’t understand who he was until he was nearly 40, and kept that hidden from all except a select few for a few years after that.

The first stranger he came out to in person was the head of his local LGBT Center, a wonderful non-binary human — who also happened to be the first non-cis person Mike had met (that he knew of). Through them Mike was introduced to a whole community of queer folk who, along with his wife and the online group Husbands Out to Wives, helped him find the courage to come out to his daughter, his parents, and then to the world via YouTube.

Through this process, Mike learned just how rich the identities of LGBTQIA+ people are, and was inspired to start a small project called Intersections: Exploring the rich tapestry of gender, sexuality and relationships. That project explored the intersectionality between sexuality, gender, and relationship orientation and how the variety and complexity of this intersectionality presents a rich tapestry of human experience. The goal of each interview was to allow individuals an opportunity to express who they are as complete, well-rounded people.

The Intersections project published 14 completed interviews on its YouTube channel. The project was a labor of love and learning, but it was eventually shut down due to conflicting priorities in Mike’s life. Now, he’s resurrected it as The Human Tapestry Podcast.

Through every interview, Mike has grown in understanding himself and the amazing tapestry that every human is a part of. You’re welcome to join in and listen as he learns.